Partnering and Licensing Opportunities

Partnering and Licensing Opportunities


Building on the pioneering work of RXi's Scientific Advisory Board Chairman and Nobel Laureate Dr. Craig Mello, scientists at RXi have used an alternative approach to delivery, where drug-like as well as delivery properties are built into the RNAi compound itself. sd-rxRNA® compounds are novel RNAi compounds with enhanced properties for therapeutic use including efficient spontaneous cellular uptake, stability in vivo, reduced potential for immune stimulation, and potent, long-lasting intracellular activity. Our unique sd-rxRNA platform allows for rapid identification of lead compounds for multiple targets in different buy acyclovir online therapeutic areas. The Company’s primary strategic development focus is in dermatology and ophthalmology. The broad applicability of our technology provides a multitude of partnering and licensing opportunities including:


  • Local Delivery - Discovery opportunities: arthritis, endometriosis, chronic wounds
  • Cell Therapy – Exclusive license to platform with MirImmune, Inc. for cell-based immunotherapies in cancer; Other therapeutic areas for cell therapy still available
  • Systemic and Cancer - Discovery opportunities: liver fibrosis, kidney fibrosis, cancer


RXi is open to a variety of ways to collaborate with industry partners, including:

  • Collaborations - Form research partnerships with other companies to create proprietary sd-rxRNA compounds against targets of their choice
  • Licensing – Creation of a spinout or provide a license to our technology, outside of our core strategic areas
  • Partnerships – Form alliances with leading biotech and pharmaceutical companies to develop therapeutics based on our sd-rxRNA technology