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The sd-rxRNA platform allows for the rapid identification of potent self-delivering RNAi compounds.  Once a target gene of interest with a known sequence is identified, scientists at RXi are able to develop, synthesize and screen sd-rxRNAs in vitro and file intellectual property on active compounds in only four (4) months.  RXi uses a proprietary algorithm to aid in the selection of highly potent RNAi sequences, resulting in higher hit rates for the identification of potent sd-rxRNAs.  Once active sd-rxRNAs are identified, the compounds undergo a round of chemical optimization to enhance the potency and stability of the compounds. Finally, the most potent sd-rxRNA compounds are then tested in relevant models to determine their activity (both mRNA silencing as well as phenotypic readouts) and the most promising sd-rxRNAs are the selected as RXi’s lead candidate for a given indication.  In summary, the sd-rxRNA platform, provides a distinct advantage to potential partners including the rapid identification of potent compounds as well as the inherent specificity and reduced off target effects when compared to small molecule drugs.



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